PGD in Business Psychology

BIHRMís PGD in Business psychology is concerned with how people behave at work; it involves the study and analysis of leadership, selection, assessment, motivation, development and the organisation of people. Occupational consultants and coaches are also finding that a qualification in business psychology improves their practice and enhances their standing with clients. At BIHRM, we have brought together our skills and knowledge in the areas of organizational behavior and psychology to offer a course that enables you to apply theory in practice. The course ensures that you develop your understanding and skills to enhance the performance of people at work.

Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management-BIHRM introduces PGD in Business Psychology for the first time in Bangladesh. People is the main concentration of any business and may be considered in two forms- External and Internal clients. Such as different forms like Consumer and Employee. In every possible form of clients PGD in Business Psychology facilitates interested participants to a detailed understanding of various aspects of psychology relevant to the workplace to acquire business goals.

PGD in Business Psychology is designed for students who do not have a background in psychology. Both the public and private sector are looking for people with proven skills in staff development, identifying talent, selection, recruitment, nurturing talents, coaching and work design. Also Consumer psychology ,Work Psychology, Leadership, Recruitment psychology ect.PGD in Business Psychology is designed for those who are interested in acquiring competencies in Work, Personnel, Consumer & HR related psychology in addition with notable improvement in Motivational and Counseling Psychology.

Course Details :Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management(BIHRM) PGD in Business Psychology| Duration: 6-9 Month, Credits:27

Course materials:All course materials are prepared by BIHRM Faculty/Research associates & will be provided from institute

Course Modules:

1st Semester

Introduction to Psychology & Consumer psychology

Industrial Psychology & OB

Human Resource Management

2nd Semester:

HR Psychology

Work Psychology & Ergonomics

Motivational & Counseling psychology

Final Semester: Thesis and Viva

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