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PG Diploma in Purchasing & Commercial Management (PGD-PCM)

Commercial Management and Procurement delivers the essential knowledge and skills required to build and enhance your knowledge of commercial management and strategic procurement - and how these can deliver benefits to the bottom-line immediately through a minimized cost-base and increased business.

BIHRMís PG Diploma in Purchasing and Commercial Management (PGD-PCM) program is concerned with that vital subject of business logistics and supply chain management, an area that can be essential to the competitive strategy and revenue generation of a business.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand the role strategic procurement plays in an effective commercial operation.
* Find the balance between cost, quality and innovation in procurement
* Examine total costs and the opportunity costs in relation to pricing strategies
* Examine the impact of successful commercial strategy and how it can deliver lower costs through effective procurement
* Apply project management techniques to procurement and commercial projects
* Evaluate and mitigate the risks in commercial strategy
* Build your understanding of the tendering and bid processes from both buyers and sellers perspective
* Plan and conduct effective negotiation that can achieve commercial success
* * Discover & Apply the benefits of effective contract management

Purchasing and Commercial activities have always been vital to organizations, and this represents a synthesis of many concepts, principles, and methods from the more traditional areas of marketing, production, accounting, purchasing, inventory and transportation, as well as organizational behavior, and economics. This Program unifies these elements to assist in the effective management of the supply chain.

BIHRM is official strategic partner of Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM),UK. IoSCM entitles BIHRM students as CSCM/ASCM/PSCM ect. So that one can use the international membership title after name.

Course Details :Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management(BIHRM)
PG Diploma in Procurement & Commercial Management Management(PGD-PCM)|
Duration: 6 months, Credits:27
Course Time: Evenings, weekdays/weekends

Course materials:All course materials are prepared by BIHRM Faculty/Research associates & will be provided from institute

Course Modules:

1.Purchasing & Supply Strategy

2.Supplier Management & Negotiation

3.Contract management

4.Purchasing Laws(PPA, Contract Law, VAT/Tax,HS code etc.)

5.Commercial Management (Import, Export, L/C,C&F etc.)

6.International Purchasing

Final Module: Thesis and Viva

Please contact for details:01731822888,01817011406,01911214545

Sharfuddin Lisan
BBA, MBA in Supply Chain(Canada), PGDSCM(Malaysia),
Coordinator, Supply chain-PGDSCM

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